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There Goes Christmas
October 21, 2008, 7:52 pm
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I think hearing that Santa Claus doesn’t exist would have been easier to swallow than this piece of news I just came across.

I’ve seen Scott Schumann speak twice. Twice he’s lied to me. I thought he was a one man show…apparently, he comes with a circus.

[The Sartorialist (camel coat) et. al. setting up shop via Inside the Loop]

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Oh no!!!! I feel terrible. No one wants to hear they’re worse than the Santa Claus snitch. Perhaps he was filming for something other than his candid shots? If you’ve heard him talk about it, I’d take his word over our sleuthed photo since we don’t even know what he was shooting.

Comment by Courtney

No, Courtney! Don’t feel bad!!! I was just joking…I’m sure they were doing some sort of photo shoot. I LOVED your photo sleuthing, though! Good eyes! (PS – I also love your blog and style! You have the greatest posts!)

Comment by 17blocksfrombarneys

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